About Us

Blue Balloon foundation (BBf) is a non-profit educational organisation. We bring to the centre the importance of the emotional and psychological environment provided by adults, in nurturing children and young people's natural capacities for emotional and mental health and well-being; their natural creative abilities, resiliency, love and compassion; aptitude for learning and natural knowing.

We also enable young people to recognise their natural capacities and core values, and achieve emotional, mental and psychological well-being; take action and become financially free.

Through our on-line forum, newsletters and other public medium, we create awareness that properly nurturing these capacities is the key to preventing the development of the 'silent killers' in our society, which is, feelings of insecurity and counterproductive mindsets or conditioned learning that children and young people can acquire. These feelings of insecurity can translate to negative self-perceptions, habitual patterns of thinking, emotional trauma and self destructive behaviour that in turn can trigger a chain reaction of biological and chemical substances that stand in the way of their emotional, physical, mental and psychological health and well-being; learning, achievement and relationships in their young and adult lives.

We have designed specific training programme 'Nurturing the Next Generation', that focuses on 'the health of the helper'; ensuring adults are equipped to nurture and prevent the erosion of these capacities in children, from  pre-conception, during  pregnancy and infancy in the home; through school and in society generally.  The programme also enables adults to understand and provide appropriate support to young people.

We see that financial education should be incorporated in our every day life from childhood. Consequently we have designed specific financial education programme for parents and carers for the benefit of younger children.

We also have 'My Road Map to Success' programme for young people, that enables them to understand their natural capacities, including their own emotions and that of others; and to develop strategies for managing their emotions and for cultivating the positive parts of their nature. In addition, we offer 'My Road Map to Financial Freedom', which is a specific financial education programme for young people.

In 2006 BBf made written submissions to The Children's Society when they were conducting 'The Good Childhood® Inquiry '. We are delighted that the findings, published in February 2009 capture our mission and core values.

Our ethos and areas of focus are aligned with the five objectives of the Every Child Matters agenda: 'Be Healthy; Stay Safe; Enjoy and Achieve; Make a positive Contribution; Achieve Economic well-being'. However our 'Common Sense Approach' pays particular attention to the emotional and psychological environment provided by adults around children and young people; as well as the need for systems to be consistent with children and young people's natural capacities.

We assert that these aspects of childhood and teenage life  is just as crucial, if not more so, as the external, physical factors surrounding a child or young person's well-being, if we are to contain the downward spiral of social and economic decay.

BBf provides added value to current service delivery but provides a service that cannot be replicated by it.

BBf was founded by Margaret Opio in 2002 to tackle the issues of mindsets or conditioned learning and feelings of insecurity that children and young people can acquire.

We have a small but dynamic team of people who are committed to our cause. The team consists of two Directors - Margaret Opio, founder and Executive Director and Arnold Oree. We also have a Board of Trustees consisting of: Ricky Reemer and Juliet Platt.

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