A Common Sense Approach

Blue Balloon Foundations' (BBf's) approach is 'Common Sense', in that it embraces the natural intelligence or wisdom that is COMMON to all irrespective of where we are born, our race, gender, religious or political affiliation, and so on. The ability to think, create, to learn, to feel emotions like compassion; the natural tendency to recover health and well-being, are but a few examples of our common inborn capacities.

The approach gives us the ability to embrace attributes that we SENSE or feel, for example emotions, compassion, etc that no amount of learning can teach us. It further enables us  to reawaken these natural capabilities that are common to all.

Individuals, groups, institutions and governments are constantly working to improve the lives and prospects for children, to get people to be healthy, feel good, feel peaceful and achieve. And to address behaviour related issues like crime, violence, racism; and other issues like environment depletion, poverty and so on.

BBf's Common Sense Approach enables individuals to understand and access these natural capacities and gifts, and feel good about themselves; feel peaceful, control their  own behaviour, create and overcome setbacks  confidently and meaningfully and  prevent reoccurrence.

This is an 'inside-out' approach to living, health and resolving issues as opposed to 'outside-in' where we rely  heavily on external resources to solve our issues. The 'outside-in' approach can, in most cases lead to dependence on external factors that can obscure our own , most powerful internal resources.

If personal and social change is to be sustainable, the change must come 'from the inside-out'.

As we become aware of our innate strengths and capabilities, and we begin to see what helps or hinder our health and well-being, achievement and relationships, we are better able to relax, listen to and trust the message that come to us from our bodies, emotions, and intuition or our 'common sense';  which is always trying to guide us back to health.

One of the natural consequences of this process is that we begin to relate more productively and creatively with the people in our lives and the resources in our environment as we begin to appreciate how our own behaviour helps or hinders the well-being and achievement of other people that we care for and/or  influence

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