“What are the best things about your life? Love”

“What are the worst things about your life? Arguments”

Picture response from The landmark report for the children's society, A Good Childhood, searching for Values in a Competitive Age

Blue Balloon foundation has three core values:

  1. We recognise that children have naturally existing capacities for emotional, psychological and mental health and well-being; self-esteem; love and compassion; creativity, resiliency and aptitude for learning. We present an overview of this under the section on 'Natural Capacities'.

  2. We also recognise that the emotional and psychological environment provided by adults around children is vital for nurturing these natural capacities, and in preventing mental, emotional and psychological distress, and the development of behaviour related problems by children and young people.  We discuss this further under ' Health of the 'Helper' '. And that systems such as education and treatment should be consistent with children and young people's natural capacities.
  3. We see that financial education should be incorporated in our every day life from childhood and not taught just as a one-off subject. This is becoming ever so crucial, given the level of debt- (national and personal) that is now extending to even younger people- and considering the knock on effect it has on health, well-being and relationships.

In furtherance of these values, we have developed four key awareness based training programmes.

Read More   | Nurturing the Next generation programme |

| Financial education for helpers |

| My Road Map to Success programme for young people |

| My Road Map to Financial Freedom programme for young people |

We also give a brief explanation of why our approach is 'Common Sense' in the section on 'Common Sense Approach ' and, We give a brief explanation of the principles underlying the approach under 'The 3 Ps'.


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