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“According to the government's definitive survey, one in ten of all 5 to16- year- olds have clinically significant mental health difficulties. Many others, of course, face milder difficulties- but 10 per cent have difficulties that are severe enough to cause major distress or impede their development in important ways...”

The landmark report for the children's society, A Good Childhood, searching for Values in a Competitive Age

We  urge the policy makers to take a fresh, common sense approach stance  and really listen to what the children and young people are saying is really important to them:

“70% of the children and young people chose love above respect, support and freedom. Most of them saw things such as time together, money and living with both parents as secondary to love”

The landmark report for the children's society, A Good Childhood, searching for Values in a Competitive Age


This message from children and young people desperately runs through the Children’s Society report. And Sue Gerhardt gives the evidence in her book- “Why Love Matters”. Children and young people can acquire feelings of insecurity and can suffer emotional trauma that then affects all aspects of their lives in the earlier and later years.

We urge the policy makers to embrace the ‘dominos effect’ of the negative psychological environment provided by adults to children of all ages as discussed under “Health of the Helper”- It is a silent killer that does not only affect the emotional and mental health, but also affects creativity, productivity, problems with relating, self esteem, etc- that then translate into most of the excesses in behaviour and social ills we see in society today; and all the costs associated with them.

We assert that a comprehensive approach that tackles the root causes of our current problems is required; rather than working from downstream treating symptoms. An important aspect of this strategy would be to recognise, nature, harness and utilise the resources we already have- the natural capacities that already exist in our children for health, well-being, peace, learning and achieving. This brings prevention to the forefront.

Blue Balloon foundation provides added value to current service delivery but provide a service that cannot be replicated by it.  The Common Sense Approach provides an innovative, holistic, approach that reawakens capabilities that are COMMON to all. It gives us the ability to embrace natural attributes that we SENSE or feel, for example emotions, compassion, etc that no amount of learning can teach us.

The Approach works at different levels of prevention, recovery and maintenance. It enables people to be more in control of their health and recovery, and hence are equipped to provide an appropriate psychological environment for children and young people.

See: “Nurturing The Next Generation”; “My Road Map to Success”; “Health of Helper” and “Natural Capacities

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