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Youth workers provide frontline service to young people and are faced by the realities of emotional, mental and psychological distress that some young people live with on a daily basis.

Blue Balloon foundation’s Common Sense Approach enables youth workers to gain an understanding of their own and the young people’s inherent mechanisms for health, well-being and achieving; as well as the in-built warning signs for emotional, mental, and physical distress. It also gives an understanding of what is really going on behind bad feelings or 'bad' behaviour, leading to deeper  understanding, and acquiring the strength, patience, love and compassion to handle any presenting behaviour in a way that does not increase the young person's insecurity. It also enables them not to take on unnecessary stress themselves.

This then paves the way for the youth worker to have an opportunity to work together with the young person and assist them to break through the pattern of negative perceptions and counterproductive behaviour that they may display; in a stress-free way.

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