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BBf's work with teachers and in schools goes the extra mile to enable parents, schools, students and educators to 'sing from the same hymn sheet' in promoting the children's health, well-being, enjoyment and achieving. Education and learning is not then just a 'classroom' affair, but rather a way of life in the child's home, school and public life.

It results in dramatic positive shift in the overall health, performance and culture of the school community. This is an innovative holistic programme that promotes the U.K National Curriculum Aims and Statement of Values.

The programmes generate personal impacts for students, staff members and parents- reflected in increased well-being and self-confidence, better relationships and job and academic effectiveness.

  • It provides a common platform for parents, the education  sector, teaching and non-teaching staff,  and students to work together towards preparing children and young people for all round success for:

    • Health (Emotional, mental, physical and economic health) and well-being, and
    • For success in the real world of jobs, business, money, decision-making, and good relationships.

  • Enables stress release for staff and parents that results in better environments for the children in the home and in school

  • Saves  teaching time and resources otherwise spent on long-term interventions that do not address the root cause of the issue

  • Drastically improves rates of school violence, fear of transition, bullying, truancy, crime, and negative self-image in students.

  • Provides systems that align to children’s natural way of learning in a consistently productive way. And

  • Offers financial education to young people

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