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The Social Services Sector is one of the key players in the life of children, young people and to the parents.

Although BBf Common Sense Approach programmes are beneficial to service Users, management and the whole staff team, we are currently focusing on three key areas:

  • parents and carers programmes that enable parents to look after themselves during pregnancy;  to bond with  children  during infancy and nurture their natural capacities; and  to provide appropriate support to young people.

  • Young people’s programme that tackles issues relating to young people, including behavioural issues, substance misuse, lack of self-esteem, etc; and to offer financial education to young people.

BBf’s  Common sense Approach programmes are effective in behaviour control in that they enable young people to control their own behaviour as they learn to recognise the triggers that lead to the ‘bad’ behaviour and are able to ‘catch themselves’ before the act or behaviour; and to be able to  ‘disengage’ from a potentially volatile situation.

  • We also work with front line staff; those who work directly with the parents and young people to enable them to obtain a deeper understanding of what lies behind counterproductive behaviour. This enables them to handle even the most difficult situation with understanding and compassion, in a way that does not increase the individual’s insecurity, and without taking on unnecessary stress themselves.

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