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“The Values that children absorb are largely the values of the world around them. Parents start the process and schools continue it...“

“Some of our proposals are in line with the government’s ambitious Children’s Plan. But many go beyond it and are addressed to parents, teachers, media and society at large, as much as they are to the government”

The landmark report for the children's society, A Good Childhood, searching for Values in a Competitive A

Blue Balloon foundation’s Common Sense Approach provides a more effective and efficient approach to prevention of health, behaviour and economic related problems.

To ensure that these measures are in-built into people's lives from infancy the programmes bring together key players in the lives of children and young people. We refer to these key players as the 'Helpers'. This is anyone who looks after, works with or interacts with children and young people in any given moment, such as prospective parents, parents nannies and childminders, social services, teachers, youth workers, learning support assistant, nurses, policy makers in particular; and to society generally.

The approach provides a common platform where the key players together with the children and young people can work together towards ensuring health, well-being and economic betterment; and in the design of systems that are consistent with children’s natural capacities.

We also work with young people directly.

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