Our Work

Blue Balloon foundation has designed Common Sense Approach programmes that provide prevention and remedial measures which directly ensure mental, emotional, psychological, physical and financial health and well-being.

We provide a range of awareness based initiatives:

Currently we offer four key training programmes,

  • Nurturing the Next Generation for adults
  • Financial education for children's helpers for the benefit of younger children
  • My Road Map to Success  for young people
  • My Road Map to Financial Freedom for young people.


We promote active recognition and celebration of the natural capacities in children through widespread discussions on our on-line forum, regular newsletters, articles and conferences; as well as conducting other on-line and media related activities.

We also conduct research and surveys and share information and resources through regular newsletters, articles, books, media releases, hosting conferences, lobbying; and through our on-line forum.

We present the training programmes in form of awareness based workshops, seminars and retreats, one to one and group consultation and facilitation for these groups. We also work with families.

All our programmes are run at a range of locations and can also be offered on-site in your place of work or at a venue of your choice.


'Nurturing the Next Generation' programme


This programme provides a common platform where parents, carers, teachers, youth workers and policy makers ('The Helpers'), can  form a partnership in emotional and mental health and well-being, together with the children and young people.  The programme,

Enables people to explore topical issues relating to children's natural capacities for emotional, mental and psychological health and well-being; resiliency, creativity, compassion and love, natural knowing and aptitude for learning.

Provides simple action steps that the adults can take to reduce their own stress levels and take control of their own emotional and psychological health and well-being, so as to provide an appropriate environment, support and guidance to children and young people.

Enables people to reflect on the importance of systems like education and health to be consistent with children's natural capacities.

Interwoven in the programme is an understanding that provides the cornerstone for financial success.

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'Financial Education for helpers ' programme


This programme gives you an understanding of basic financial literacy that you can incorporate in the day to day interaction with your child, that will enable them to lay a strong foundation for acquiring, keeping and investing money; as well as the ability to have power over money. Thus laying a sound foundation for their future financial success, from an early age.

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'My Road Map to Success programme'


This is a three-prong programme:

Part 1- is designed to enable young people to reflect on 'success' as living in a state of happiness, emotionally and mentally healthy, achievement, financial freedom and  having good relationships; in general leading a healthy, stress-free life. And to recognise that they already have the tools they need for all round success.

They are assisted to draw their own road map to success. This includes becoming aware of the things that influence their emotional and mental health and well-being; as well as recognising their in-built warning signs for emotional, mental, psychological and physical distress. And to identify early warning signals for such distress, and take action to restore their health.

Part 2 - is designed to give young people personal responsibility by allowing them to examine and reflect on core values as well as explore the broader aspects of life.

Thirdly, this programme plants the seeds for young people's financial success.

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'My Road Map to Financial Freedom programme'


This programme is designed to assist young people to draw their own road map to financial freedom. They learn about money (financial literacy). Recognise their strength and potential, draw out their plan and take the necessary action to achieve financial freedom

Most importantly we enable them to know the power of money, respect it, and have power over it instead of money having power over them.

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